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* With the wish to go out of the overwhelming production-consumption scheme, and go toward new social, economical, ecological, and human balanced ways of life.

Let’s embark on a human adventure with “Human Source”. The goal and the path :
– Find back our source, our gifts, our dreams, question ourselves and act on for our personal balance and that of our planet.
– Gather and diffuse testimonies (newspaper, video, podcast) on ecological awarenesses, rejoicing life transformations.
– Initiate events mixing our talents (We all have talents 🙂 ).
– Develop ecoplace projects.
– Propose a vision of the world where the economy, the ecology, the social and vital balances are connected in all the domains of our human creations.
– In summary, regenerate our poetry (our ability to open horizons, create), our spirituality (our power to feel connected to the whole world), and our politics (a nice word that comes from the Greek polis : city, and from teckhne: art… in other words: the art of living together).

Let’s meet, exchange, initiate the project…

Some themes:
Social and solidarity economy, organic farming, « consume less, love more ! », Arts and crafts, intuitive education, quest for meaning, personal transformations, holistic health, monetary creation, universal income, open-source, fablab, collective intelligence, democratic and civic experience, find our way, act on our dreams…

The places and movements that inspire me :
Colibris, Makesense, Asterya, Magasine Inexploré et Socialter, La Recyclerie, Ground Control, Ferme du Bec Hellouin, Livre l’économie symbiotique, Expérience éducative de Céline Alvarez, Expérience politique MaVoix, UpConference, Ayya, OdysséeHumaine, Alternatiba, L’expérience démocratique de Saillans, Ferme d’avenir, La Bascule, Blue bees…


Articles, meetings, events in that spirit :

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