The “Human Source” movement


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* Toward new ecological and human balanced ways of life.

Let’s embark on a human adventure with “Human Source”. The goal and the path :

– Awaken our dreams, live and act for our personal balance and the one of our planet.
– Gather and share testimonies on ecological awarenesses, successful life transformations, inspiring associations, firms and people…
– create events relating to art, well-being and ecology.

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Social and solidarity economy, organic farming, « consume less, love more ! », Arts and crafts, intuitive education, quest for meaning, personal transformations, collective intelligence, democratic and civic experience, find our way, act on our dreams…

places and movements that inspire me :
Colibris, Makesense, Asterya, Magasine Inexploré et Socialter, La Recyclerie, Ground Control, Ferme du Bec Hellouin, Livre l’économie symbiotique, Expérience éducative de Céline Alvarez, Expérience politique MaVoix, UpConference, Ayya, OdysséeHumaine, Alternatiba, L’expérience démocratique de Saillans, Ferme d’avenir, La Bascule, Blue bees…


Connect to yourself, to the other.

… to the beauty of the world …
… to your dream-intuition …
… to what truly enlivens us …

In an equitable, ecological and solidarity spirit :

… create and weave meaning and connection…

Be the performer and creator of our life,
Vibrate and work for what seems sensible and healthy.

… in all areas …



« One person’s happiness
   is another person’s happiness »


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