Listening – care


Connect to your being-life

Intuitive Listening-Care

What is calling you ?
What would really come to nurture your balance ?
What does your being-life really want ?


This session, this sharing time is composed of :

– A moment of active listening, either to identify, recross the source-emotion of a trouble (often a childhood injury) that prevents you from going on, or to narrow the questionning on a project which belongs to you, a desire for change for the present and the future.

– A moment of breathing, of connection to yourself, during which I will lay my hands around your plexus-heart, to encourage you to pass the mental barriers and continue to welcome and cross over. A time to connect to something essential for yourself.

“Breathe your being-life”

this move between speaking, listening and touching emotion is there to connect to this intuitive living space that belongs to you.

“Connect to what enlives you”


“Move forward”


Tariff : 60 €

Duration : 1 up to 1.30 hours

Place : Near Paris, Avon-Fontainebleau

Let me a message and a phone number. I will call you for a first contact. Thanks 🙂

** In addition to this session, I invite you to continue with your classical health visits : doctors, psychotherapists, surgical and hospital services, physiotherapists, etc… Both approaches are complementary. 🙂


Reviews about the session

Tiphanie’s review :

Very attentive and available, Philippe was able to bring out very deep emotions by asking the right questions. Do not hesitate to go and play the game until the end, guaranteed result 😉 I recommend !


Cécile’s review :

We met for a constructive and appeasing exchange. Since then, I moved, changed my work, my region. And I plan for a blossoming year at the oceanside. Without doubt, you have taken part in my progress toward that present happiness.


Jimmy’s review :

Thank you for this moment of listening and sharing. I am very rational, but I was surprised and moved by the power you have in your hands.


Benoît’s review :

I was touched, pleasantly surprised by your sensitivity, your empathy, your listening skills and this approach that is both original and classic. I thank you for this long time spent with you.


Thibault’s review :

Thank you very much for the session we had. The fact that you put your hands on the plexus and that we were able to dialogue brought me a real well-being and gave me back energy. I would like to repeat the experience.


Celine’s review :

I benefited from an energy care with Philippe, which brought me a great relaxation, all in smoothness. A very pleasant moment of sharing.


Marie-Eve’s review :

Philippe is delicate, sensitive, empathic and at the same time interacts with yourself. Nice to meet him.


Henry’s review :

I did a care session with Philippe. He was very attentive. I recommend him for his sensitivity. I had a great time sharing.


Eric’s review :

I had a good time with Philippe who was able to bring listening, sensitivity and delicacy… I came out with a lot of peace and hope. I highly recommend ! Thank you Philippe ! 😉


Arnaud’s review :

A big thank to you Philippe for your listening and your valiant goodness 🙂 It was a beautiful meeting, I wish you to continue on the path of heart and sharing. Good to you and good luck.


Cecile’s review :

Thank you for this very refocusing moment of listening and cares. A moment of calm clarity that resources and relaxes. Very nice experience.


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