Live in an eco-place !

.. The project ..

Live in an eco-place

… Connection, cooperation, nature, meditation, heart opening, commitment, citizen, society, spirituality, poetry and human …

I would like to create, to see emerging a place to live that embodies the spirit of the eco-place in all these forms :

Shared housing
Holistic and intuitive care
Crafts and creativity
Clean and sustainable energy
Intuitive education
Wisely used technology
Permaculture, beekeeping…

This is a first draft to make it begins, to start to build relationships and specify the project. In the idea, I imagine a castle-estate that is getting bored somewhere that we would bring back to life !


Apart from some common places (mainly the kitchen and at minimum a place for meetings), each will have his private space to stay, sleep and work at what seems to him healthy, good and good !

** Artistic creativity of everyone is welcome ! **

.. Writing, drawing, painting, singing, music ..
.. No drugs, no alcohol ..
.. It’s so good to be connected without it ..

This place will be open to the world : workshops, conferences, concerts, meetings, vigil gatherings under the trees !

… Without denying any technology, on the contrary, in touch with the world, live the balance between simplicity and human wealth …

Life and Love.

Welcome to you all.

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