“It is a kind of invitation to travel in the voluptuousness of the word , simple and evocative … I have known Philippe at the literary café The pen in question, amid teas, and texts and his book I ramdomly leafed through , curious.”

by Gary Girondin
Review of “Impromptu de poésie”

Poetry and short stories
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Purring of poetry - Philippe Rovere

Purring of poetry

( 78 pages ) – * June 2018 *

Here we are ! Stories, poetry, everything that makes me feel warm, everything that heals and guides me everyday : beauty, human warmth, wonder, the melody of so simple daily things.

The garden of candles, the indelible kiss, the crab and the hammock, the seven sentries, London’s bricks, Paris, the tuba player… let yourself go… open a random page…

I, who love so much to tell these stories and poems by heart, may this book be the continuity of my voice and may it enchant you.

Long live stories and long live poetry !

Philippe Rovere

This book is no longer self-published. While looking for a new publisher, I invite you to read my poems and poetic texts through the Poetry menu.


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