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Philippe Rovere - Poetry, Connect to the heart, Care, Policy and humanity - Philippe Rovere

Construction site supervision, customer relations, Sales engineer somewhat against heart, and above all, very disappointed by the objective and the mentality of companies I worked with : lack of respect, lack of meaning, always pushing for more production, more consumption, negative pressure : loss of meaning, alcoholism, breakdown, chronic pains !

This atmosphere made me pine away, I felt a way of being in the world so different in me. Finally one day, I decided to listen to this call !

In my quest, I become a Sports Instructor and then an Art-Therapist in an association and as a worker in the CLIS classes ( children with disabilities ).

In the background, always a passion for the human, for the knowledge and modes of organization of our societies, hours to listen to, to inform me, personal development workshops, meditation, singing, improvisation but also… trials, health problems to overcome. A long way of search and repair around the words :

Connection, cooperation, nature, meditation, heart opening, commitment, citizen, society, spirituality, poetry and human …

… then following this call, the re-discovery of writing, poetry, meetings, still more encounters with warmhearted and empathic people, a deeper reconnection to my dream, to my intuition, to my being : back to life ! And now I have this desire to build and live fullfilling and balanced connections between me and nature, between me and others.

Monopoly                    Creativity
Destruction       —->    Connection
Production        —->    Balance

Today – My direction

Poet, therapist, citizen listening to the world, I invite everyone to reconnect to his source, his gifts, his dreams, to question himself and act on to participate in his personal balance and that of our planet.
Conferences-Workshops: Writing for pleasure, Daring intuitive intelligence, Finding your way – Acting on your dreams, Emotion – Free the words that touches, Ecological and Societal Awareness… / Concerts: Jazz, Song, Poetry /


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